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Welcome to the Moose Guild!

What is the Moose Guild?

The Moose Guild is a group of Canadian creators interested in networking, collaborating on joint projects, and sharing their work with a wider audience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect Canadian creators with each other, and with their patrons.

Why Should I Join?

If you’re a Canadian artist, craftsperson, inventor, or discoverer and are looking to meet other creators, work on collaborative projects, or share your work with a wider audience,  this is the place for you. Membership is free, and the benefits are manifold. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Some of the benefits of joining the Moose Guild include:

Self Marketing

This website is first and foremost a marketing tool for Canadian creators.

When you become a member of the Moose Guild, you’ll have your own Creator Profile which will serve as a funnel to your own website, or to any online stores or platforms on which you have a presence (ex. Amazon, Etsy, Fiverr, Pond5, etc.). Feel free to use your profile to showcase your products and services, include a bio so that your customers can get to know you better, or add your contact information so that your clients can get in touch.

After becoming a Moose Guild member, you will also have the opportunity to become an administrator on the Moose Guild Facebook page. Any time you feel like marketing a product or service, simply post on the Facebook page; your advertisement will automatically reach the page’s fans. If you want to reach an even larger audience, consider spending money to boost your post (of course, the amount you spend is entirely up to you). Any new Moose Guild fans your boosted post brings in will be beneficial for both you and your fellow guild members in the future. The assumption behind this communal advertising is that the target markets of Canadian artists tend to overlap.


According to an old adage, “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” In addition to talent and hard work, your network of personal contacts is a critical variable in the formula for success.

When you join the Moose Guild, you become a member of a community of talented Canadian creators. Establishing rapport with fellow guild members and helping them on their road to success, be it through promotion or collaboration, may lead to great rewards in the future by virtue of the rule of mutual reciprocity.


Oftentimes, we creators find ourselves working on complex projects which require outsourcing. For example, film makers often need composers and musicians to give their productions unique, complimentary soundtracks, while authors frequently require visual artists to give their books attractive, enticing covers. Unfortunately, all too often, this outsourcing is prohibitively expensive.

We creators can solve this problem though multi-disciplinary collaboration. If we agree to sacrifice some of our time and energy to help each other with our multi-medial projects, all of us stand to benefit in the long run.

If you’re looking for creators to collaborate on your project, join the Moose Guild and post your project in the Studio. There, you can also ask creators of your own discipline to review your work and give honest critiques.