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How to Join


This website is in its infancy, and therefore its layout, for the time being, is quite basic. In order to join the Moose Guild, please email any of the following information to the Webmaster (who will manually create your Creator Profile) at info@MooseGuild.ca :

  • Your profile name.
  • Your profile picture/s.
  • A short biography.
  • The link to your website/s and/or online presences.
  • Pictures of your products or services, accompanying descriptions, and accompanying links.
  • Any videos or audio files you would like to embed.
  • Relevant contact information.
  • Any other relevant text, media, links, etc.
  • The link to your Facebook account (so that you might be added as an administrator on the Moose Guild Facebook page)

The Webmaster will notify you once your Profile is completed.